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“Alexis’s passion to compose heartfelt and inspired writings through this devotional is refreshment to the soul. May your day-to-day be edified by her writings and warm blessings.” 

– Jenn Gotzon, award-winning actress, producer and speaker


“With God as our Guide, Alexis takes us to places of faith, renewal, belonging, hope, light, love, and life. Each stop along her personal journey with God inspires us to remember our own stories of faith within God’s bigger story. These are places you will want to visit or revisit. Songs you will want to sing. And a 52-week trip you don’t want to miss.”

– Karen “Girl” Friday, writer, speaker, pastor's wife, blogger


“God has profoundly touched my life through Alexis A. Goring’s uplifting and personable weekly devotional book sharing God’s love through her own experiences and insights. It is so well-written and in a voice that feels as if a close friend is having coffee with you and talking of God … If you are looking for a devotional that is short but powerful, this is it.”

– Morgan Tarpley Smith, award-winning journalist and aspiring author  


“Alexis A. Goring has a way of drawing you into the story and guiding you through how much you are valued by the Creator. It’s like she’s taking you by the hand leading you through a beautiful garden pointing out God’s glory and His love for you. If you’re ever doubting how much you’re loved by God, each devotion reminds you how He’s got you covered.”

– Becky Alignay, host of Middays with Becky on WGTS 91.9 FM


“This devotional book is a perfect weekly guide to a closer walk with our Savior and an in-depth view of His desire to shower us with His love.”

– Naeem Newman, M.D.


“Both wise and uplifting, Stories and Songs of Faith is grounded in real life experience. The devotionals ring true and so does the depth of Alexis’s faith. Her words are like tempered steel—strong, tested, and enduring. Highly recommended!” 

– Victoria Bylin, award-winning author


“Practical, concise and soulful … Theologically balanced, each devotional was fruitful prose in due season.”

– Chaplain Paul S. Anderson, D.Min., Director of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries


“Alexis invites the reader to take a journey – one that she has herself taken – and each week she leaves another precious breadcrumb on the trail. Faith and hope are present on every page.” 

– Quantrilla Ard, writer and encourager, The PhD Mamma


“Through real life experiences, and practical applications of the Bible, Alexis takes you on a colorful spiritual journey that is inspiring, musical, educational, and awesome! With discussion questions at the end of each week, she challenges the reader to reflect, dig deep, and enjoy your walk with Jesus.”

– Heather “Chef Mommy” Martin and Virtue music group singer


“Alexis A. Goring's devotional book “Stories and Songs of Faith: My Journey with God” will touch your heart and feed your soul with daily offerings of both poignant and personal experiences about family, relationships, internal struggles, journeys of faith and love, and so much more. Each devotional rings of truth and light, even in life’s darkest moments, and reminds the reader that hope is but a prayer away…”

– Mirachelle Canada, author/devotional writer/teacher/theatre director


“A must have is how I would describe this book. From encouragement, to comfort, to gentle reminders regarding the importance of spending quality time with God, this book of devotionals offers it all. I thoroughly enjoyed this read.”

– Temeka “Positivity Inspires” Borden, author


“Heartwarming, practical and transformative. Your life will not be the same after reading this book.”

– Kelvin L. Mitchell, Life Strategist

“Love in Pictures is a good beach read to put on your summer list. Alexis A. Goring tackles an issue of our times with grace and faith through the characters, using humor and deep emotions to draw in her readers.”

– Allison M. Wilson, inspirational writer/editor


“Love in Pictures is a beautiful journey of faith, hope, and what it means to take a chance on true love. From quaint cafés in charming, coastal Annapolis to the Mediterranean seashore in Italy, this inspiring tale lifts the heart and soul. I couldn’t put it down once I started!”

– Jessica Brodie, award-winning Christian journalist, author, and blogger


"With a deft hand, Alexis A. Goring conveys the power and beauty of love in her charming story, Love in Pictures. Readers of varied backgrounds and cultures will readily connect with her engaging characters and their search for healing, forgiveness, and acceptance. Goring has written more than a “Will they or won’t they?” romance. Her modern love story will touch the hearts of women looking for something more than a happy ending. And they'll find it within the pages of Love in Pictures!"

– Robin W. Pearson, Contemporary Women's Fiction Author


“Love in Pictures is a story for hungry hearts, open hearts, and hearts in need of hope. Alexis has managed to navigate one of our country’s most divisive issues in a compassionate and respectful manner, which hopefully will spark future conversations on how we can be the change we seek. So much more than a contemporary romance story, Love in Pictures will take readers on a journey to challenge their own long-held perceptions about worthiness and how love can be found and thrive in unexpected places.”

– Quantrilla Ard, writer at The PhD Mamma


"Alexis A. Goring has a way of telling the sweetest of stories. Love in Pictures is no exception."

–Cindy Flores Martinez, USA Today bestselling author of sweet and Christian romance


“Love in Pictures is a heartfelt and tender book with a happy ending that will take you on the roller coaster ride of love surviving crisis and having the strength to survive. You will feel enchanted as you read this wonderfully written book.”

– Naeem A. Newman, MD

"This sweet second-chance story is sure to bring a smile to your lips as it delights your soul."

- Mary Manners, inspirational romance author


"I enjoyed this sweet story of love, forgiveness, and trusting in God's plan and purpose."

- Autumn Macarthur, USA Today bestselling author


"A Second Chance is an inspirational story filled with a wonderful cast of characters in a novella that could easily lend itself into a series. Hopefully we'll read more from this up and coming author!"

- Mimi Milan, bestselling romance author


"A beautifully written book that takes you on the journey of two people willing to give love a second chance. Read this book and let your heart be softened and open to love however it may find you." -Jade Callahan, LGSW


"I enjoyed reading about how a relationship can be saved by God's grace when we are willing to forgive. God can turn the greatest heartbreak into the most wonderful love story. Thank you Alexis for sharing how us humans can experience a love made in heaven."

- Alondra Martinez-Guiterrez, ACNP-BC, RNFA

"Hope in My Heart is a delightful read, giving you a quick dose of love and faith.  These short, heartwarming stories will renew your passion and hope for finding true love, and revitalize your faith in a loving and caring God."
~ Kimberly S. Terry, elementary school teacher

“Finally a read that is relatable. This novella is full of inspiration that truly warms the heart while encouraging your spirit, your hopes, and dreams. It perfectly subsumes the topics of family, faith, friendships, love, and career with a hint of humor.”
~ Victoria Jackson, DPT

“Congratulations to Alexis Goring for this collection of sweet, romantic stories. Perfect as a vacation or holiday read, these stories are uplifting, and offer the reader a lighthearted glimpse into the hopes and dreams of each character. From dealing with divorce, to landing the perfect job, these stories follow each character as they depend on God for the perfect ending.”
~ Deidra Riggs, speaker and writer, deidrariggs.com