Welcome to my website! I am happy that you are here.

I’m an East Coast Girl who embraces the boundless opportunities of working in the city and loves the tranquility of living in the suburbs.

My passion for the Arts and Entertainment Industry takes second place to my love for Jesus Christ. My stories written for Christian publishers are infused with hope and faith because in a broken world, we need God.

I enjoy reading (blogs/books/magazines/newspapers) and writing for all of those platforms. I love stories that educate, inspire, and inform. Whether the stories are adapted into a fictional setting with a cast of fictional characters, or told by real people journeying through life in the real world…I love it all!

I followed my passion for the Arts & Entertainment industry by studying Print Journalism in college and earning my MFA in Creative Writing.

I write blog posts, fiction books, magazine articles and newspaper stories! I’m also a freelance editor. Read the content under my “Editorial Services” tab for more information regarding that part of my career.

Feel free to follow me on social media and write a note to me in the comment box under the Connect tab. Enjoy browsing through my site!